How you can help someone

If you know someone who needs help and is potentially suicidal, doing nothing is not an option. Here is a link to a charity called Mind which explains some of the likely indicators.

Mind advise that you can help by:

  • Trying not to judge
  • Talking to the person about how they feel
  • Encouraging them to get help by ring SRS on 0300 123 2825
  • Asking them how you can help
  • Helping them stay safe
  • Look out for warning signs
  • Find out what support is available
  • Create a support plan
  • Plan for crisis

Case Study – A business partner: I was so worried about him and knew I had to try and do something. It was a difficult subject to raise but in the end he contacted Shropshire Rural Support and things got better.

Contacting us anytime by ringing our helpline 

The Shropshire Rural Support Helpline on 0300 123 2825



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