How we can help

 Shropshire Rural Support was set up in 1990 to help people living in rural Shropshire by providing confidential support during periods of anxiety and stress, and with problems relating to their families and their businesses.

Our free confidential service is delivered by people with farming backgrounds who understand the ups and downs of farming, family farming businesses and living in the countryside. Most importantly they have the time to listen.

In addition to listening, Shropshire Rural Support also has an extensive network of contacts who can provide guidance and signposting to professional advice on most aspects of living and working in rural communities and businesses.

Case Study – A dairy farmer: I am so pleased I had the courage to ring the Shropshire Rural Support helpline. They gave me a safe place to talk about my problems. It made all the difference. The hardest thing was to make that first call.

Help yourself and help others by ringing our helpline today

The Shropshire Rural Support Helpline on 0300 123 2825


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