• Is there a charge for the service? No, it is entirely free.
  • Is it confidential? Yes, it is totally confidential and you do not even need to tell us your name if you do not want to do so.
  • Does Shropshire Rural Support give grants? No, we are not funded to give grants but we may be able to signpost you to possible sources of grants.
  • What type of problems do we help with? There are 2 main types of problems we find we are asked to help with. Firstly personal problems involving depression, isolation, family breakdowns, bereavements and inheritance. Secondly there are business related problems which often involve us in signposting on to specialists. The business issues include paper work, single farm payments, financial problems, inheritance issues and other business related problems.
  • Do I have to live in Shropshire? We mostly support people in Shropshire but please ring us and if we are not the people best placed to help we will put you in contact with a sister organisation who can help.

Case StudyInjured Dairy Farmer: I fell from the tractor and broke my leg. Shropshire Rural Support was able to signpost me to some financial help to employ a relief milker till I was better.

It is good to talk through problems – ring our helpline today

 The Shropshire Rural Support Helpline on 0300 123 2825

email: ruth@shropshire-rural-support.org.uk


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