Shropshire Rural Support recognizes that farming communities are close knit and that confidentiality is critical. Anyone seeking our support can phone the helpline and talk anonymously to a volunteer. All cases are treated confidentially and case details are not shared with anyone else without specific prior agreement.

We can also act on referrals from third parties and in the past we have been contacted by family members, friends, suppliers, local NHS staff and vets who are concerned or worried about a friend, family member, customer or patient.

Case Study – A friend of a farmer: I was so worried about my friend, he seemed really depressed trying to sorting out what seemed to him conflicting  priorities between the farm and the family. I encouraged him to talk to Shropshire Rural Support and they enabled him to work through the issues and develop a plan to go forward.

Contact us anytime by ringing our helpline

The Shropshire Rural Support Helpline on 0300 123 2825



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