Thanks Brenda – Welcome Ruth

After many years of very dedicated work Brenda has retired as Co-ordinator for Shropshire Rural Support and Ruth has taken over the reins and is the person waiting to take calls from Shropshire farmers, their families and rural people needing support in times of crisis.

Firstly, a very big thank you to Brenda from the Trustees of Shropshire Rural Support, a thank you that will be echoed across Shropshire by the many people she has helped and supported over the years.

Secondly, welcome to Ruth. Ruth takes an active part in the family dairy farm and with a background in agriculture and working in the community, brings extensive networks within the NHS and Shropshire to add to the already well-established networks of Shropshire Rural Support.

Key to the service Shropshire Rural Support provides are confidentiality, the time to listen to people’s concerns and to be able to sign post, when appropriate, to expertise and specific service providers. Supporting Ruth is a pool of counselors with agricultural back grounds.

For more about Shropshire Rural Support and how to contact go to, or call Ruth on 0300 123 2825

Shropshire Rural Support is a registered charity number 1126085

Published 25/11/2018

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